Dallas Civil Asset Forfeiture Attorney

Civil Asset Forfeiture, which is sometimes called “Civil Seizure,” is a controversial legal practice where law enforcement officers take property from people who they suspect are involved with crime or other illegal activity, without the police having to charge the property owners with any wrongdoing at all. In many cases, property is seized without anyone being arrested.

If you had property seized by police in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas, a criminal defense attorney with experience in Civil Asset Forfeiture can help.  Dallas attorney Bret Schmidt has that experience, and he is ready to help you defend your rights.

Dallas Civil Asset Forfeiture Attorney Will Help You Get Your Property Back

If the police have seized your property in a Civil Asset Forfeiture, Dallas attorney Bret Schmidt can help get it back. Many people think that once the police have taken their possessions, it’s up to the police to decide whether or not to give them back.  So after their property has been seized, they don’t try to get it back and end up losing everything the police had taken.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  You do have valuable rights to your property, whether or not you are charged with a crime. But you have to act quickly.  You will lose your rights to your property if you don’t take the correct actions before the legal deadline.

If you have had your property seized from you by law enforcement, please let me help you get it back.

A Civil Asset Forfeiture Attorney in Dallas Who You Can Trust

Bret Schmidt is known throughout Dallas and the state of Texas for his knowledge, skill, and dedication and for the way he cares about his clients. He thinks it’s a shame that the police get away with keeping the property of so many people, just because people are not aware of their legal rights.

When dealing with a Civil Asset Forfeiture, it’s important to act fast. You must beat the deadline to apply to get your property back. If your property was seized, whether or not  you were also charged with a criminal offense, call Bret right away at 214-526-1100. The law in Civil Asset Forfeitures can be on your side, but you can’t wait too long — and attorney Bret Schmidt has the experience and skill to handle these complicated matters.

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