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When you stand accused of a crime, your liberty and freedom are at stake. To protect yourself, you need to retain a Dallas criminal defense attorney who has experience with these cases.

About Criminal Cases in Dallas

All charges in Texas are classified according to their nature and severity. The class of the charge will determine the possible penalties for individuals who are convicted. While crimes classified as misdemeanors are considered less serious, crimes classified as felonies are considered more serious. Misdemeanors can be broken down into three smaller classes, with Class A misdemeanors being more serious than Class C misdemeanors. Felonies can also be broken down into five smaller classes, with State Jail felonies being the least serious and Capital felonies being the most serious.

Penalties for convictions in Texas range from small fines to the death penalty.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas?

When you have been accused of a crime, it may be tempting to accept representation from a public defender or choose the cheapest criminal defense attorney in the area. However, criminal defense is a highly focused area of law that is often fraught with hidden hazards for even the most seasoned attorney who does not practice in this area regularly.

Because the stakes in these cases are so high, you need an attorney who can thoroughly evaluate the criminal charges against you and both identify and take advantage of the flaws and weaknesses in the State’s evidence.

My Approach

I have years of experience defending clients who have been accused of all types of crimes in Dallas, and I know how to analyze the evidence carefully. Although there may be some things that are true in the allegations against you, I approach the case with the perspective that all allegations are false, and I dissect the State’s evidence from that standpoint.  My method for criminal defense is: assume nothing, miss nothing.  It works out well for my clients.

I can handle virtually any criminal defense case, including:

If you are facing criminal charges in Dallas, you need a defense attorney like me on your side. Please contact the Law Office of Bret W. Schmidt, PC today to learn more or to make an appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Dallas.

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